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ONEFA 2019: Year of changes

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yoyo012019 will bring changes in the ONEFA, not only when choosing a new board, but also the competition format, if the Red Group loses the presence of several of its teams.

It will be from the second weekend of February when the ONEFA carry out its conference this year in Puerto Vallarta, where in addition to choosing a new board - same that will come out of the vote of its members - the system will also define the competition for the Major League this year, a topic where the outlook indicates that relevant changes could occur.

So far there are talks that the two teams of Tamaulipas, Reynosa and Victoria will join to form a single squad, which will ask the league to compete in the White Group, because in the last three years these two squads have been shared the title and now the goal is to grow, so they want to ascend. If so, the Red Group would lose two of its eight members, but that's not everything.

There are also talks that Centinelas and Tlahuicas have serious problems to continue competing in the ONEFA. On the Presidential Guards side, when this institution disappeared, their football program was affected and therefore they would leave the league. Meanwhile, the problem of lack of players and resources is a factor that would affect the entire Cuernavaca's team, which has just two years in the organization.

Should these two programs disappear and the Tamaulipas University team compete in the White Group, the ONEFA would have to modify its format perhaps to two Conferences, as it has happened in the past, competing in one of them 12 teams. The possible solution would be to divide them into two groups and thus have a more attractive tournament without leaving anyone out of the season.

The decision has to be made during the Conference League, where  institutions  who wish to take part in the 2019 Campaign attend, only there can be defined who does go and who doesn't and leave their place.

So the ONEFA's board will be expected a lot of work, as surely an issue that will also be tackled will be the InterLeague games and now with the change of coaches in the UNAM, whose position until last year was not having such games, could have a very important turn  having a new staff of coaches. (With Enrique Fernández information )



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